Cody Bunting 2019 N.A.M.S Champion
  Fastest 4CYL's In Alberta
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Mini Stock News

The Wait Is Over!!!!

First Announcement of the 2019 season!!!!

Introducing the biggest race of 2019 in all of canada for Dirt Mini Stocks!!!!


AUG 9 & 10

CASTROL RACEWAY!!! Edmonton,Alberta

Big money Payouts!!( exact number to be determined)
Top club awards/payouts
Trophies and prizes!!!
Time ins, heats, features both days!!

Huge thanks to Ron MacDonell and Ginga Ninja for promoting Mini Stock racing in Alberta and hosting this huge Event.

Cars must meet NAMS outlaw or Bandit Rules to qualify for trophies and Prizes.
* Contact Ryan Ellis for any questions in regards to rules clarity.

*Note* there is a camping area (no hook ups) right at the race track and hotels/accommodations within 5mins of the track. It's an awesome facility.

2018 Year End Banquet 

NAMS Banquet Highlights
3rd-#77 Jacey Froggy Cardinal
2nd#85 Cody Bunting
2018 Champion #30 Curtis Ellis

3rd: #69 Chris Hill
2nd: #12 Lindsey Anne Ellis
2018 Champion #7 Rick Parenteau

Hard luck Award- #41 Justin Horton
Hard Charger Award - #69 Chris Hill
Most Improved - #6 Andrew Prociuk
Dom. Award- #75BC Stephen Woods
Crew cheif of the year- Paul Evenson
Best looking Car - #2.3 Mike Melnyk
Worst looking Car - Sponsored by DC signs and designs- #75 Royle Beaver
Sportsmen of the year- #41 Justin Horton

Thank you all for a great night and lots of laughs.

2017 Year end Points / Awards

3rd Place - Cody Bunting #85

2nd Place - Ryan Ellis #27

2017 Points Championship - Curtis Ellis #30

Top Bandit - #4 Morgan K. #04

Rookie Of the Year - Morgan K #04

Sportsmen of the Year - Chet M. #2

Best Appearing Car - Curtis E. #30

Crew Chief of the Year - Scotty "Pops" Evans

Hard Luck Award - Kris Evans #78

Worst Appearing Car -  Cody Bunting #85 * Sponsored By DC signs and Designs - $500 Credit

2017 Mini Mayhem Invitational Champion - Curtis Ellis #30

2017 Dirt Vs Pavement Challenge Champion - Ryan Ellis #27

Year End Points

3rd place - Trevor Evenson #97

2nd place - Ryan Ellis #27

2016 Points Champion - Cody Bunting #85

Hard Luck award - Kris Evans #78

Hard Charger - Cory Friend #20

Top Bandit - Jordan Boyd #67

Sportsman of the year - Mike Melnyk #2.3

Rookie of the year - John LaFrance #91

Congrats to all of the 2016 winners!!!!!!

April 28/2016  Here is a link for a Write up on NAMS  By Velocity Motor Sports News .

April 8 2016-

2016 NAMS Schedule
May 7 - Tech Day -Sangudo Speedway
May 7/8 - Clean up weekend -Sangudo Speedway
May14 - Test and Tune - Castrol Raceway
May 21/22 - Sangudo Speedway - Season opener
May 28 - Castrol Raceway
June 18/19 - Sangudo Speedway
July 2/3 - Sangudo Speedway
July 30/31 - Sangudo Speedway - Mini Mayhem Invitational 

Aug 13 -Castrol Raceway
                                                                                 Aug 20/21 -Sangudo Speedway
                                                                                 Sept 3 - Sangudo Speedway-Points race
                                                                                 Sept 4 - Sangudo Speedway - Fun Day - (No Points)
                                                                                 Sept 10 - Castrol Raceway - Season Champoinship
                                                                                 Sept 17 - N.A.M.S Banquet - location & Time -TBA
                                                                                 Oct 1/2 - E.I.R. - Pumpkin bowl - Dirt Vs. Pavement invitational(No Points)
                                                                                 Oct 8/9 - Merritt Speedway - No points

Sept 28th

Had An Awesome time in Kindersley,Sask at Flatlanders Speedway as 10 Northern Alberta Mini Stocks made the long trip south east to join the home town Mini stocks for  a 1 day winner take all cross border challenge. After a rought couple of heat races, Curtis Ellis in his #30 Ford mustang leads every lap of the 30 lap feature . Kris Evans in the #78 Chevy Chevette finishes 2nd place  and Ryan Ellis in his #27 Ford Mustang rounds out top 3 . Huge thanks goes out to all N.A.M.S. Cars that made the trip and made our name know as the fastest 4cyl class and best Mini Stock Club in Western Canada!!

Huge thank you goes out to Casey Adams and DC Signs for the NAMS Mini vs Street stock challange trophy!!! Mini Stocks win with #21 Matt Ennis leading every lap and myself coming in second ,3rd was the #05 Street stock followed very closely by #78 Kris Evans ( we almost made top 3 all Mini Stocks) I would like to thank all of the NAMS group and the awesome group at Sangudo Speedway!!

June 7th


1st place Ryan.E

2nd Place Scott.V    

3rd Place Cody.B

N.A.M.S Castrol Raceway


Heat 1A

1-#06 Alana Carter

Heat 1B

                                                                                    1-#87 Chris Davies

May 24th 2014


Heat 1A-











Heat 1B









Heat 2A









Heat 2B










1-#85 - Cody Bunting - Rimbey,Alberta

2-#44 - Darrin W. - Leduc,Alberta

3-#62 - Scott V. - Red Deer,Alberta

4-#78 - Kris Evans - Morinville,Alberta

5-#97 - Trevor/Andrew - Edmonton,Alberta

6-#33 - Racing Buddies Racing -Stony Plain,Alberta

7-#30 - Curtis Ellis - Edmonton, Alberta

8-#06 - Alana Carter- Lamont,Alberta

9-#55- David Orgel- Edmonton,Alberta

10-#21-Matt Enis - Tomahawk,Alberta

11-#27-Ryan Ellis- Edmonton,Alberta

12-#53- Cole Rogers-St. Albert,Alberta

13-#87- Chris Davies-Redwater,Alberta(DNS)

14-#7 - Bill Busby - Lethbridge,Alberta (Under Weight)


May 6 2014,

Hey guys,

               k so this sat. May 10th we will be at castrol. This will NOT be for points, due to lack of car count for this upcoming race . We will just use it for another test and tune, we will need min of 6 cars and we will get as many races as we can get it. We will also be doin tech on cars that were not in attendance last night. Remember to bring your wrist band from last night to the may 10th race for free entry. See everyone at the track!!     

Jan 15/ 2014,
Here is our 2014 Race days-
2014 Northern Alberta Mini Stocks
19-Tech Day
26-Castrol Test & Tune...
24- Castrol
14-C.A.R. ( Mini Vs. Hobby stocks)
28-29 - Mini Mayhem Invi. -Sangudo
19- Sangudo
20- Sangudo
26- C.A.R
16-Castrol-(Extreme cup)
31-Sangudo- Funday (No points)
 13-Castrol-(Northern Alberta points Championship)

These dates are for Northern Alberta Mini Stock points, these dates are not the only races for the mini stocks, Here are the dates for Castrol Raceway.
2014 Castrol Raceway Oval Schedule

April 26…Test-n-tune…all classes
May 3…….Sportsman Sprints, NT Late models, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks
May 10…...360 Sprints, NPP Late Models, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks
May 24……Sportsman Sprints, NT Late Models, Mini Stocks
May 31……360 Sprints, NT Late Models, Super Stocks
June 7……..Sportsman Sprints, Mini Stocks, NPP Late Models
June 14……Don Wheaton’s Absolute Annihilation Night
July 11……360 Sprints, NT Late Models, Super Stocks
July 12-13..Superstars of Monster Jam
July 18-19.. 60th Gold Cup..360 Sprints, NPP Late Models
July 26……Sportsman Sprints, NT Late Models, Super Stocks
July 30…ROC..360 Sprints, NPP Late Models
Aug 9…… Sportsman Sprints, NT Late Models, Super Stocks,Mini Stocks
Aug 15..Extreme Cup…Sportsman Sprints, NPP Late Models
Aug 16.. Extreme Cup…. Sportsman Sprints, Mini Stocks
Aug 22-23..Oil City Cup…410 Sprint Cars, NT Late Models
Aug 30..Maximum Destruction Night
Sept 6…Sportsman Sprints, Super Stocks, Northern thunder lte models
Sept 13….Season Championship Night…all classes

Mini Stocks race on May 10th and sept 13 as non-NAMS points races.- May 10 will only be a NAMS points event if may 3rd gets "rained out". and Sept 13 will be a points even if we get 2 or more "rain outs" throught out the season.

June 28/29 will be the Northern Alberta Mini Stock Mini Mayhem Invitational. This will be a non points event and will feature cars from all over alberta and will be held at Sangudo Speedway in Sangudo,Alberta. Pay outs will be updated soon. This event will be the 2014 Dirt Vs. Pavement Challenge. Last two years we have challenged on the pavement, this year we will battling it out on dirt for bragging rights of the "Maurice Boissonnault memorial trophy" .

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to contact either myself or Kris Donaldson to edit text
Nov 4 2013 - Northern Alberta Mini Stocks Meeting  at  C.S.L. 12160 68st Edmonton 11:00 am

Oct 18 2013-

                     Thank you to all the Mini Stocks and Feature Stocks that participated in the Pavement/Dirt Challenge! What an awesome race! Over 20 cars in the Feature with 2 Pavement Cars (and brothers!) from Hythe winning the Feature Event ! 
#11 - Matt Reeve - Hythe
#28 - Michael Reeve - Hythe
#78 - Kris Evans - Castrol Raceway

Our 4 cylinder, front wheel drive Feature Stocks did an awesome job but couldn't win against the modified & rear wheel drive Mini Stocks!

A great show put on by everyone!

Sept 18 2013 -

                      2013 Dirt Vs. Pavement Pumpkin Bowl -We will be racing for the Maurice Boissonnault Memorial trophy.
The race day will be Sunday Oct 7th, Gates will open at noon, with practice starting shortly after that, Format will be 1 heat per car,( one heat for dirt cars and one heat for pavement cars) 1 dash per car ( top 5 from each heat in A-dash, the rest will be in B-dash) then we will have the roll of the dice to determine if the B-dash finshing order will be leading the A-dash to the green flag for the feature or will the finishing order of the A-dash be starting ahead of the B-dash in the feature. we will also be having a trophy dash aswell with 4 random car. $50 for car and driver ,$20 for pit crew, $10 front gate . lots of laps to be had!!

Sept 17 2013 -

                       On monday sept 16th 2013 at 1:00 am our dear freind and a great supporter of our class passed away as a result of a heart attack.        Maurice Of Grande tire will be sadly missed. His support of auto racing in alberta was second to none, his heart and soul was in his tire shops, but he had a huge spot in his heart for race cars, as much as he loved oval racing lol he was not much of an oval racing fan , he loved his drag racing. There was one thing about Maurice, It did not matter what kind of racing you did, he respected you for loving your sport and did what he could to support what we love. The 2013 race season would not have happened if it was not for Maurice.
Thank you for all you have done , Rest In Peace my good freind ,
R.I.P. Maurice
You will be sadly missed.

Aug. 20 2013-  Aug 17th 2013 feature

                       1 30 Curtis Ellis
                       2 53 Cole Rogers 
                       3 76 Cody Bunting
                       4 78 Kris Evans
                       5 27 Ryan Ellis
                       6 44 Darrin Worbowry 

                       7 87 Chris Davies
                       8 21 Matt Enis
                       9 8 Ron Cardnail

                       10 55 Marie Ellis

                       11 41 Tyler Hawryluk  


              Hard Charger points for Aug 17 2013 - #87  Chris/ Ashey Davis

July 22 2013-   Updated Videos - July 19/13 Feature race  Winner Matt Gerlach-Smith , Second Curtis Ellis, Third Kris Evans.