Cody Bunting 2016 N.A.M.S Champion
  Fastest 4CYL's In Alberta


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A page for the Mini Stock class of Northern Alberta. Racing at Castrol Raceway (Edmonton,Ab), Sangudo Speedway (Sangudo,Ab) and on special events E.I.R (Wetaskiwin,Ab), Flatlanders Speedway (Kindersley,Sask) and Merritt Speedway ( Merritt , B.C.)

Huge Thank you to Tara Sahlin and STP Racing Memories For all of the Great Photos of our Northern Alberta Mini Stocks!!!!


Thanks to Our 2016 Sponsors:

On-site Fire Protection-

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Pop's Chops 

Edson Auto Glass

Superior Paving-Westlock

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Huge Thank you from the Staff and Drivers of the Northern Alberta Mini Stocks


NAMS is proud to announce the addition of our 2015 series Sponsor.

 ProWest Motorsports

Located on southeast Edmonton, ProWest Motorsports offers everything from Safety equipment to racing wheels to chassis parts and so on. If you Need in on or in a race car ,They will source it for you!! Contact Ron @ (780)474-2900

ProWest Motorsports has stepped up and offered huge support towards the Northern Alberta Mini Stocks for the 2015 season. We welcome Ron and his Crew to the NAMS Family and look forward to working with ProWest Motorsports for years to come!!!

-Ryan Ellis


In the past 3 years , The Northern Alberta Mini Stocks have been one of the fastest growing classes in Alberta. The growth of not only the cars on the track, but the fan base has went far beyond what we, The class reps, ever imaganed. When we started in 2012 with 6 cars and only 6 races being run at Castrol Raceway, Nobody ever would have assumed we would be starting the 2014 season with 22 Cars/Trucks and a 15 race schedule at 3 diffrent Alberta Race Tracks.

In the ever changing evolution of Auto Racing In Alberta, changes and additions will be expected to stay exciting and attractive , not only to the fans but to new drivers aswell. In order for us ,as a class ,to continue with this success that N.A.M.S has been seeing. Opening our doors for additions will only accelerate us to the next step and allow the next generation of racers the chance to compete and enjoy being part of our class.

In 2015 , Northern Alberta Mini Stocks will be running a "Sub" class within the Mini Stocks class itself. We will be running 2 diffrent sets of rules within one umbrella class. The main set of rules that have been in place for the last 3 years (par a few changes) will now be know as the "NAMS- Outlaws". The new set that is being introduced at this time will be know as "NAMS-Bandits".

NAMS-Bandits is a low budget, entry level," fun for all " class that will not only be a great way to get someone onto the track at any age but will be alot of fun for all involved with alot of close , competitive racing . This class will be low budget focused with the full intention of making safety #1. These rules are based on a cost of roughly $2500(+/-) for a complete race car and full driver safety set up, With keeping in mind the cost of running a race car through out the year. At the end of the trial race season( Oct 2015), The NAMS-Bandit rules will be reviewed and temporarily locked in for an undisclosed period of time to insure that there is no changes at any time durring the year to disallow any person, make or model of car . While maintaining a strick set of rules in a Entry level class, we will establish a yearly trend for new drivers and returning driver of what to expect from the class.

The 2015 season will be a test period for the two classes. We will run the 2 classes as one on race day with points separated between there respected rule package. There will be 2 feature winners per night( 1- NAMS-Outlaw and 1- NAMS-Bandit) Payouts will paid out to both classes (Amount Based on nightly paid monies). There will be top points champions as well as "Rookie of the year " and "Hard Charger" year end awards in each classes, in addition to NAMS Overall champion, "Best looking Car and Crew" and "Hard luck" year end awards given out between both classes.

Rules For the NAMS-Bandits are posted on the Northern Alberta Mini Stocks Web page under "NAMS Rules" (Link Below). If you have any Questions feel free to contact any of the NAMS class reps.

We welcome the Bandits to the Northern Alberta Mini Stocks and look forward to a great racing season in a few short months.

Ryan Ellis

Northern Alberta Mini Stocks - Class Representative

2015 Northern Alberta Mini Stocks Dates- Updated July 7 2015



 May 2nd - Castrol Test and tune (No Racing - only Practice)
 May 9th - Castrol (NAMS TEST AND TUNE- NO POINTS)
 May 16/17 -Sangudo - (FIRST POINTS RACE)
 May 23rd -Castrol 
 June 6th -Castrol
 July 10th- Castrol - (friday night race)
 July 18/19th- Eagle Track Raceway   (Republic,washington,USA) -no points Event
July 18/19- Sangudo - Mini stock Special- No Points

 Aug 1st/2nd -Sangudo
 Aug 8th-Castrol
Aug 8/9th - Hythe - Monster Mini Nationals-   No Points
 Aug 22nd- Castrol

 Sept 5th- Castrol
 Sept 12th-Castrol (Season Championship)(Last points race of the year)
 Sept 26/27th - EIR- Maurice Boissonnault Memorial "Dirt Vs. Pavement"     Challenge (Early Start time)- No Points
 Oct 9/10 - C.A. Raceways - Mini Stock Invitational (Year End Rap-up) - No -points

NAMS Non- Points Events

 June 6/7- Sangudo*
June 20/21-Sangudo*
July 18/19 -Sangudo*
Aug. 15/16- Sangudo*

Due to unforeseen circumstances , we are on the hunt for one or a few sponsors to cover costs of trophys for the season. The cost is $670 for the 2015 season , roughly $61.50 per race . Any and all sponsors will have their names on the trophys and will have a spot on our registered car contingency package and will be introduced as one of the Northern Alberta Mini Stocks premiere supporters/sponsors and will have a spot on all Northern Alberta Mini Stocks promotional items including  banners, Poster, wraps, etc . Please call myself at (780) 690-1402 or email me at [email protected]  
Thank you
Ryan Ellis

2014 NAMS Final Points
1 -#85 - Cody Bunting- 905
2 -#78 - Kris Evans- 799
3 -#27 - Ryan Ellis - 786
4 -#30 - Curtis Ellis - 612...
5 -#21- Matt Enis -593
6-#06 - Alana Carter - 583
7 -#97 - Trevor Evenson/Andrew M. - 563 (R)
8 -#44 - Darren J. Werbowy - 303
9 -#87 - Chris Davies - 284
10-# 7 - Holly / Bill Busby-253
11-#62 - Scott Vigliatti- 244(R)
12-#53 - Cole Rogers -237
13-#13 - Dan Cornelius - 233(R)
14-# 4 - Tanner Kennedy - 195(R)
15-# 05J - Jaeger Berdahl - 160(R)
16-#55 - David Orgill-134
17-#59 - Adam D. -125(R)
18-#05 - James R - 123(R)
19-#8 - Clifford R Cardinal -104
20-#11 - Mathew Reeves - 104
21-# 3 - Odin Obray- 77(R)
22-# 59K -Kary Rogers -67
23-#33 - Racing Buddies Racing- 66(R)
24-# 2B - Tim Pope -29(R)

Just a reminder- NEW for 2014!!

There will be double File restarts (Sangudo Speedway and Castrol Raceway). This will result in the Northern Alberta mini Stocks using a AMB 160 or 200 Transponder in 2014!! 
The only track the we will have single file restarts will be Central Alberta Raceway.
Double file restarts will be postioned side by side from the 2nd postion back (ie: 2/3, 4/5, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 , 11/12 etc) with second place being on the inside followed by 4th and 6th, 8th etc and 3rd on the outside followed by 5th, 7th,9th etc. . First place can pick either inside or outside lane with no other car ( one car front row) this is the same restart set up as the Northern Thunder Late models.
This new restart program makes for more interesting restarts and tighter action.
Keep in mind that this is just for restarts and not for the start of the race or complete restarts.
June 28-29 - Mini Mayhem Invitational -Sangudo Speedway in Sangudo,Alberta.
Northern Alberta Mini Stocks are holding their second annual Mini Mayhem Invitaional.
2013 was an awesome race ,with Matt Smith in his Polar Industrial/ Mobile 1 Ford Mustang wining after a 25-lap battle with long time racer Curtis Ellis in his CSL / Need 4 Speed Racing Products Ford Mustang. Matt Collected top points for the weekend and curtis 2nd with Cole Rogers 3rd in points.
2014 Mini Mayhem... is shaping up to be bigger and better than last year , with alot more drivers entering the annual event. with an early in the year count of 20-26 cars at this event , should be nothing but great racing and lots of fun. Make sure not to miss all the Mini Stock Action on June 28/29 at Sangudo Speedway. Sangudo Speedway is located 113km northwest of Edmonton,Alberta and 65km southeast of Whitecourt,Alberta.

Front Gate Prices :
Youth(6 to 13)-$6
Kids( 5-Under)-Free

Back Gate:

June 28- Racing Starts 1PM
June 29- Racing Starts 11AM

Camping Available right at the race track
Power site-$26/night
NonPower site-$20/night

If you have any Questions Please contact the Northern Alberta Class Rep. Ryan Ellis
(780)690-1402 or [email protected]


Here is our 2014 Race days-
2014 Northern Alberta Mini Stocks
 26-Castrol Test & Tune...
24- Castrol
14-C.A.R. ( Mini Vs. Hobby stocks)
28-29 - Mini Mayhem Invi. -Sangudo
19- Sangudo
20- Sangudo
26- C.A.R
16-Castrol-(Extreme cup)
31-Sangudo- Funday (No points)
 13-Castrol-(Northern Alberta points Championship)

These dates are for Northern Alberta Mini Stock points, these dates are not the only races for the mini stocks, Here are the dates for Castrol Raceway.
2014 Castrol Raceway Oval Schedule

April 26…Test-n-tune…all classes
May 3…….Sportsman Sprints, NT Late models, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks
May 10…...360 Sprints, NPP Late Models, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks
May 24……Sportsman Sprints, NT Late Models, Mini Stocks
May 31……360 Sprints, NT Late Models, Super Stocks
June 7……..Sportsman Sprints, Mini Stocks, NPP Late Models
June 14……Don Wheaton’s Absolute Annihilation Night
July 11……360 Sprints, NT Late Models, Super Stocks
July 12-13..Superstars of Monster Jam
July 18-19.. 60th Gold Cup..360 Sprints, NPP Late Models
July 26……Sportsman Sprints, NT Late Models, Super Stocks
July 30…ROC..360 Sprints, NPP Late Models
Aug 9…… Sportsman Sprints, NT Late Models, Super Stocks,Mini Stocks
Aug 15..Extreme Cup…Sportsman Sprints, NPP Late Models
Aug 16.. Extreme Cup…. Sportsman Sprints, Mini Stocks
Aug 22-23..Oil City Cup…410 Sprint Cars, NT Late Models
Aug 30..Maximum Destruction Night
Sept 6…Sportsman Sprints, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks
Sept 13….Season Championship Night…all classes

Mini Stocks race on May 10th and sept 13 as non-NAMS points races.- May 10 will only be a NAMS points event if may 3rd gets "rained out". and Sept 13 will be a points event, if we get 2 or more "rain outs" throught out the season.

June 28/29 will be the Northern Alberta Mini Stock Mini Mayhem Invitational. This will be a non points event and will feature cars from all over alberta and will be held at Sangudo Speedway in Sangudo,Alberta. Pay outs will be updated soon. This event will be the 2014 Dirt Vs. Pavement Challenge. Last two years we have challenged on the pavement, this year we will battling it out on dirt for bragging rights of the "Maurice Boissonnault memorial trophy" .

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to contact either myself or Kris Donaldson

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